Human Rights

We stand with victims to seek redress for gross human rights violations.


We expose and combat transnational kleptocracy perpetrated by senior government officials.

Urging Reform

We affect policy change by giving a voice and a platform to the voiceless.

Nurturing The
Next Generation

We collaborate with change-makers to build a just, fair, and equal society.

EG Justice stands with the people of Equatorial Guinea to protect their rights and dignity as human beings. We root out and challenge corruption head on.
As the only human rights entity exclusively devoted to Equatorial Guinea, we are a bridge and a platform for changemakers to envision and build a just society.

Our Work In Numbers



Victims often lack the means to seek redress or denounce human rights violations domestically and/or internationally. We work with family members, lawyers, and advocates to access judicial, quasi-judicial, and other remedies on behalf of the unjustly aggrieved, arrested, incarcerated, tortured, or killed.


Human Rights
Defenders Trained

We invest in the next generation of anti-corruption, pro-democracy, and human rights defenders. We strongly believe change in Equatorial Guinea will happen from the bottom-up, and an informed and engaged citizenry is a quintessential component for such change.


Global Partnerships

Our strategic ties and working relationship with local, regional, and international organizations have helped solidify our position as reliable advocates for socio-economic and political reform in Equatorial Guinea


Press Release
Equatorial Guinea: UN Human Rights Chief Calls on Government to Stop Torture and Combat Impunity
EG Justice

UN letter calls on the Government of Equatorial Guinea to uphold its obligations arising from ratified UN treaties

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Press Release
Equatorial Guinea: The IMF Must Press for the Respect of the Rule of Law and the Release of Political Prisoners, Including Joaquin Elo Ayeto.
EG Justice

Equatorial Guinea remains stuck in it sold ways, disregarding basic due process and abusing fundamental human rights.

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Press Release
Equatorial Guinea: Appeal Trial Opens Against Teodorin
EG Justice

Appeal trial of Teodoro Nguema Obiang opened on Dec. 9, 2019. Tutu Alicante gave testimony to the judges.

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Press Release
Equatorial Guinea: UN Special Procedures Condemn Illegal Detention and Torture of Rights Activist
EG Justice

Rapporteurs sent a letter to the government of Equatorial Guinea expressing “serious concern over ..arbitrary detentions, torture” in the country. 

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